Monday, December 28, 2009

Holidays '09: Can We Make Reruns Illegal?

Every show's on hiatus.

Ergo, I've been reading a lot and watching movies the last few days. I'm on my third memoir and 2nd installation of Evil Dead (foisted upon me by the fiance). Let me tell you, you know you've hit rock bottom when the only form of entertainment around are poorly done zombie movies starring a guy who looks like a '70s version of Brody Jenner from The Hills.

You know what, TV networks? I'm so over this holiday hiatus thing. I'm so over everything going on break for three weeks. I'm so over considering watching True Life: I'm Happy To Be Fat on because I'm dying for something, ANYTHING, to watch.

TV networks, you're doing yourself a disservice with these extended breaks. I've completely forgotten what happened in the last episode of FlashForward. I can't even remember the last time Eddie Cibrian took off his shirt on CSI: Miami. And who got fired on Grey's Anatomy again?

Not that I'd actually go back and rewatch any of these episodes to find out. And I think other viewers would agree: No more reruns! Let's get some original programming on right now. Not January 10 (Chuck), not February 14 (The Amazing Race), not friggin APRIL 13 (sob), but RIGHT NOW.

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