Monday, December 21, 2009

What's Airing After The Super Bowl?

What show will run after the Super Bowl?

That's the question everyone in the broadcast industry wants to know every year. The Super Bowl is the biggest event on television, with close to 100 million viewers last year. It is a HUGE boost for whatever show runs right after it. Last year, the big game ran on NBC, and the network decided to run The Office afterwards. Personally, I think it was a mistake, because The Office was in its 5th season at the time. People knew it existed. NBC should've promoted one of its newer, more promising shows. Not that they had any, but you get my drift.

This year, CBS has the Super Bowl. And guess what? It is making a SMART move by airing its brand-new reality series, Undercover Boss, after the game.

Why is this a smart move? Aside from the fact that this show could use the exposure, Undercover Boss is just plain terrific. I watched a preview of it at the CBS upfront, and by the end, I, along with most of the female members of the audience, were bawling. The show is about CEOs and other higher-ups at different companies working anonymously at entry-level positions and seeing what life outside the corner office is REALLY about. It sounds hokey, and believe me, I was pretty dang skeptical when I first heard the concept. But I'm telling you, you have to watch this show. And I'm betting you will, if you watch the Super Bowl.

Some speculated (before the announcement) that CBS might air The Big Bang Theory after the game. While that's an aiiight idea, Big Bang is killing it in the ratings. It doesn't need any help.

What's interesting to me is CBS is using the game to promote a reality show. In past years, the game has been used to boost Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy and The Office--all of which are scripted. My guess is, CBS knows it has a gem on its hands, and dang it if they're not going to tell the world all about it--on February 7, 2010.

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