Tuesday, April 6, 2010

24: The Silent Clock.

Wow. Let's just say I am so glad that last night's 24 was a two-parter. There was no way the first episode by itself would've sufficed for a whole week. What a fantastic two episodes!

Some highlights:

-The shocking ending. Who saw that one coming? Let's rewind by about ten minutes: As Jack & Co. were going up the stairs, searching for President Hassan and the terrorists, I kept thinking how long-winded the masked hostage-taker was, the one who was reading the list of Hassan's so-called crimes. For crying out loud, he just kept going on and on and on. And on. It was getting ridiculous. And then we all found out THE VIDEO WAS PRERECORDED. Hassan was already dead. Holy moly. It was so sad. And there it was, that silent clock.

-Renee has the reflexes of a cat. Before I could shout at the TV, "SHE'S GOT A GUN!" Renee had already whipped out her gun and shot the blonde-wigged terrorist. Whew.

-Dana got hers. I was only sorry Jack didn't torture her for very long. Also, is anyone else wondering where the wimpy, meek Dana of episodes 1-12 went? It was like they swapped out that Dana for cool-cucumber Dana. I'm not buying this. Hey, writers! Next time you have someone suddenly be the mole, can you at least...wait. This is the last season of 24. Never mind.

-I. Love. Cherry. Jones. She laid the smack-down on Rob Weiss! I want her to be my real president. Can we co-elect her and Dennis Haysbert in 2016? I know they're not real presidents, and Dennis was assassinated on the show, but how great are they? And speaking of presidents, who else is excited for President Logan's return next week?

I had to miss Chuck to catch this two-hour 24, but it was totally worth it. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I only wish every week could be two hours of 24. But if wishes were fishes, we'd all be living underwater.

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