Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glee Is Coming Back Soon. Preach.

We are now less than one week away from the return of Glee. It's been four months since the last episode.

The funny thing is, Glee has been in my life this whole time anyway. I follow most of the stars on Twitter. I became a fan of Glee on Facebook. I bought both Glee soundtracks for my sister for Christmas, in the hopes that she would burn them both and give me copies (she did). I've been lapping up the promos that air during American Idol. I even checked out the pictures from when they went to the White House. I tried (and failed) to buy tickets for their NYC concerts in May. (One of the concerts was the day before my wedding. Yes, I would've gone.)

Stalk much, you say?

Glee returns next Tuesday at 9:28PM. Right after American Idol. My toes are twitching just thinking about it.


  1. Linda, I tried to find an e-mail address on your site but I've failed. Just wondering... if I were interested in entering the Entertainment Industry as an Actor with no experience... how would you suggest that I go about this endeavor? I saw your post about "Jersey Shore" for Asians!

  2. Michael, I would get some experience first. Try joining a local theater group that will take amateurs or take some acting classes.