Friday, January 22, 2010

The Deep End. Already In Deep Shizzle.

So, who's watching ABC's new legal drama, The Deep End? Anybody? Bueller?

I haven't written about this show since I've been busy blogging about others. And also because this show has gotten no marketing push at all (at least, none that I've seen).

And let's face it, the premise of the show is so tired (a bunch of young, attractive lawyers at a competitive LA firm), I'd fall asleep at my keyboard writing about it.

In any case, the show debuted last night, and the numbers are terrible. The show drew 7 million viewers. To give you a comparison, Jay Leno attracts about 5 million viewers a night...and it got canceled. By week 3 or 4 (if it makes it that far), The Deep End should be down to 4 million and change. Especially when Survivor premieres.

Sorry, Matt Long. Another one bites the dust. I did like you in Jack & Bobby, though.


  1. I watched the premier....and I will not watch it again. I am one who will give a show a couple weeks that I am interested in before saying, "yes or no". But this show was just awful.

  2. Oh no! Guess I'm not surprised to hear that. You definitely have more patience than I do. I typically give a show about 20 minutes before giving up. Life's too short to watch bad TV.