Monday, January 11, 2010

I Spy...The Best Show You're Not Watching.

There are certain shows out there that people live and die by. Ask people who watch Friday Night Lights, and they will swear it's the best show on television, why aren't you watching it, it deserves a bazillion Emmys and Golden Globes, and on and on.

I have the same question about Chuck. The spy dramedy premiered last night, and boy, have I missed it. I even missed things I had forgotten about. Like the theme song. It's catchy, and it suits the show. I also missed Zachary Levi's eye roll that precedes his flashes. I missed his hilarious panicky throwaway lines. I missed the wacky Buy More gang. Especially Anna, who is no longer on the show. I missed Casey most of all. He can steal the scene with a single grimace.

The thing I don't understand about non-Chuck viewers is WHY. Why aren't you watching this show? It has action. Romance. Humor. A diverse cast. Snappy dialogue. Nerdy pop culture references. Relateable, loveable characters. It never slows down. Anyone can get into it at any point--there's no extensive backstory, no complicated plotpoints.

More than anything, Chuck is consistently funny and consistently entertaining. Few shows can boast this quality. Even Glee has its irksome moments (I'm looking at you, scenes featuring Terri and her sister). NBC's primetime schedule may be a huge fiasco right now, but it has this one saving grace. So readers, I ask you: Watch this show and tell everyone about it. If for no other reason than we won't have 5 nights of Jay Leno again.

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