Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Men Kissing In A Super Bowl Ad? So What?

There is controversy over an ad from, which CBS is considering for the Super Bowl. ManCrunch is a gay dating website, and the ad features two guys in football jerseys watching the big game and they reach into the bowl of chips at the same time and gaze into each other's eyes and then start making out...much to the shock of their buddy sitting nearby.

I just watched the ad, and it's hilarious.

Come on, CBS! You already turned down a Go Daddy ad featuring a retired football player acting effeminate. Now you're on the fence about ManCrunch? What's the message you're trying to send?

Maybe it's not about any sort of message. This is the Super Bowl, after all, not the State of the Union. We're just here to drink beer, gorge on nachos, and vomit after trying to eat 20 hot wings in a row.* The Super Bowl really isn't the place to discuss politics. The host network--in this case, CBS--has one job, and that is to collect some serious cash-money for ads. That's it. As long as the ad isn't paid for by NAMBLA, who gives a care?

CBS okayed an anti-abortion ad paid for by the conservative and religious group Focus on the Family. I'm fine with that. Left wing, right wing, hot wings, at the end of the day, if a 30-second Super Bowl ad can change or challenge your beliefs, maybe your beliefs weren't as strong as you thought.

So CBS, stop overthinking these ads. It's just a game. Nobody stopped watching you after Janet Jackson's big reveal, and nobody's going to stop watching if you show a couple of guys making out. It's totally fine!

*I have not been able to touch a hot wing since.

UPDATE: CBS officially rejected the ad. Surprise, surprise.

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