Monday, March 22, 2010

The Amazing Race: Champagne Tower Of Terror.

I swear, this season's Amazing Race has got to be an alcoholic's nightmare. First the beer boot challenge, and now this leg, which included building a champagne fountain, popping a bottle of bubbly, and searching for grapes in a large field.

Totally bummed about Jeff & Jordan, who were booted off The Amazing Race last night. I was hoping for another non-elimination, but I agree with the fiancé, who said, "If it's another non-elimination, I call foul."

Besides the cowboys, I am now rooting for Steve & Allie, the father/daughter team. (By the way, does anyone else think Allie is Shenae Grimes' sister from another mister?) Oh, and there was a shout-out to duct tape, one of the best inventions EVAR. Steve is hilarious, Allie is kind, and they are a joy to watch. Just look at their picture. How friggin adorable are they???

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