Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost Progress Report: Season 4.

This weekend, I finished watching the 4th season of Lost. And by "finished" I mean "slept through" because I was dead tired. It made no difference, anyway, because I probably would've understood it just as much (read: not at all) if I had actually watched it.

This was the most confusing season for me. I know what I wrote earlier about the five stages of Lost, and how I'm in the Acceptance stage, meaning I've come to accept that I do not understand anything that's going on and that's OK. But somehow, Lost managed to reach further into the depths of obscurity this season, unearthing even MORE plotlines and MORE characters and MORE times.

What do I mean by times? Well, we used to have the present with flashbacks. Now we have flash forwards--which I knew were coming, but I didn't realize they'd be executed so confusingly. The Oceanic 6 are off the island, but they want to go back. But what happened to everybody still on the island? What've they been doing for three years? How come we aren't privy to seeing any of it?

Also, what's going on with Widmore? The fiancé tried to explain it to me, how Widmore is interested in the island and wants to keep it to himself or whatever. Yeah, I don't get it either.

The Penny-Desmond reunion was really sweet. I'm liking Sonya Walger 1,000 times more in this role than as Olivia in FlashForward.

I also like the new character Miles. He's quite the snarkster. My people are all over Lost this season--Miles, Sun, Jin. Okay that's only 3 people, but I'll take it. I also started watching season 5, and it features Dr. Chang, the Dharma Initiative guy. And, though I haven't seen him yet, there is another Asian guy with a goatee who is somehow involved with the Temple (no clue what that is, or who the Asian guy is, but I read about it in EW). Yes they killed off all the black people (Michael's still around, but just barely), but Lost is at least replacing them with other people of color. High-five for diversity!

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