Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Undercover Boss Renewed For Second Season. You're Welcome, CBS.

About three months ago, I wrote about a certain little-known reality show that was debuting after the Super Bowl. It was called Undercover Boss, and many people scoffed at not only the concept of the show, but the fact that of all shows, THAT was the one getting the cushy post-Super Bowl spot.

Well, CBS was right. The show is averaging 18.7 million viewers on Sunday nights, even up against heavyweights like the Winter Olympics and Desperate Housewives. And now it's been picked up for a second season.

Woop woop!

As I have blogged previously, in the months leading up to the Super Bowl, plus on the night of the big game, people were finding my blog by Googling "What show airs after the Super Bowl?" So I like to think I sent a few readers CBS's way. CBS, I accept cash, credit, and Snickers bars.

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  1. I am glad as well to see that they have signed for a second season. I do not think that CBS thought that this show would have been as good as what the American viewers thought it would be! Hopefully season two will be longer and not compete with one of my other shows. ;)