Monday, March 29, 2010

24: The Clock Will Finally Stop Ticking.

Fox announced over the weekend that this quasi-abysmal, quasi-awesome eighth season of 24 will be its last.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, the series has been uneven throughout its run. One good season followed by a bad. Probably my favorite seasons were 1) the first one, b) the one where Edgar died (still mourning that), and c) the one with President Logan.

Actually, I just Googled it, and Edgar died during the season with President Logan. So really, 24 has only had 2 awesome seasons and 6 okay/meh ones. That's kind of depressing.

On the other hand, I love 24. I've never missed an episode (this is not the same thing as "I've never fallen asleep while watching an episode"). I have two Jack Bauer action figures (anniversary gifts from the fiancé). I still get excited on Mondays from mid-January to mid-May, because even if there is nothing else to watch, there's always 24.

What I also like about 24 is that by now, I always know when someone will get shot, which is helpful when you're someone who can't stand the sound or sight of that sort of thing. (I always cover my ears and close my eyes.) I also know that no matter what kind of danger Jack is in, whether he's being tortured or defusing a bomb or getting shot at by the bad guys, he'll never be really hurt. I mean this season alone, he was shot in the gut and that very same hour, he scisscor-kick-snapped the neck of the Russian bad guy while handcuffed to a pipe in the ceiling...after being tortured by said Russian bad guy.

The end of 24. It feels more like the end of an era. I remember when it first premiered, just after 9/11, and how we lived in a different time back then, when the Muslims were the bad guys. Wait, the Muslims are still the bad guys. Thanks for never changing, 24!

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