Monday, March 1, 2010

The Amazing Race: Cowboys Up!

Before the season began, I was eh about the cowboys. I figured they were a gimmicky team, cast on the show purely on the merits of their ten-gallon hats and giant belt buckles. I figured they’d be out by the 2nd leg. An entertaining team is not always a bright, athletic, cunning team that can win The Amazing Race.

How wrong I was.

Last week, we saw the cowboys ditch the rest of the pack and get on a different bus, which brought them to the next location before anyone else. Nobody could figure out where they were or how they’d managed to find a faster route.

And last night, we saw the cowboys in their element. They had to lasso a bale of hay, play polo on a (wooden) horse, and play five-card stud against the Travelocity Gnome (I love that crazy gnome). It was awesome to see them whooping it up and having a great time. And not only that, but they seem like genuinely nice people who are in this race to have FUN.

Speaking of FUN, how great are Jeff and Jordan to watch? Now, you would expect Jeff to do most of the work, since he’s taller and stronger, and he can actually tell time. But Jordan is pulling her weight, signing up for challenges like walking the high wire and doing most of the driving (Jeff can’t drive a stick). Also, they’re hilarious. At one point, Jeff was so frustrated, he said, “We’re so stupid. We should never reproduce.” Ha!

Less fun to watch are the lesbians. Now, you know I love my gays, but geesh, I can’t stand these two. They’re constantly bickering, they’re snippy toward the other teams when they don’t get their way, and they have a diva attitude about everything—Gucci this, “I don’t take public transportation” that. I’m so over you, Lesbian Team.


  1. I love the cowboys!!! I was like you with the first episode on the thoughts that the cowboys were going to be bumbling fools. Neither my husband or myself chose them to win the game. He chose the brothers (who also bicker all the time) and I chose Jeff & Jordon.

  2. I don't like the bickering brothers. I'm with you on Jeff & Jordan, and I think they have a real chance. :)

  3. And even if Jeff & Jordan do not win...they are just a fun team to watch!!