Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol, Top 12 Guys: Meh, Meh, Meh.

I don't even know what to say. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that so far, this season totally blows.

Now, it could be first-performance jitters. It could be poor song choices. It could be bad juju. And ALL of these things could vanish by the time next week rolls around.

Still, it has been one disappointment after another these last two nights. Yesterday, it was the men's turn, and while they were better than the women, it was not by much. Most of the performances were just aiiight...but ultimately forgettable.

Oh, and if I hear one more Maroon 5 or Jason Mraz song, I am going to scream. Isn't there anything else on the Billboards?

Let's get into the contestants. My favorite, as any reader of this blog knows by now, is John Park. Not because he's the most talented (though he has a smokin' baritone), or the most hot (though he does have a smile that could melt a bar of gold). It's because he is the Great White (Asian) Hope for Asian Americans to break into the music biz. He also happens to be funny, charismatic, charming, and somehow still modest after all of that.

I was going to write more about John Park, like how he's close to his parents, and how I could relate to his family's money struggles, but at this point, we're getting into stalker territory.

Speaking of stalkers, how about Kara's fawning all over that Casey James guy? Did anyone else find that embarrassing/uncomfortable to watch? Are we going to see it week after week, as Casey exposes more and more of his chest? I can't place my finger on who Casey reminds me of--Chad Kroeger, maybe, with a dash of someone else. Casey was all right, if a little boring. I honestly can't remember a second of his performance.

I really liked the "Chasing Cars" guy, Lee DeWyze. My favorite performance of the night. I also like Joe Munoz, because he reminds me of this guy who went to my college, whose last name is also Munoz.

Random shoutouts: Aaron Kelly, are you Jesse McCartney's brother from another mother? Todrick Hall, even though the judges hated your destruction of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," I liked it. Andrew Garcia, everybody favors you to win, but I'm already tired of you. One word: OVEREXPOSED.

Also, Tyler Grady, the '70s rocker guy, looks like my fiance's sister's fiancé. It's hilarious.

You know what's really sad? I can't stop thinking about Adam Lambert. Remember how his performance was the one to watch week after week? Because, like Lady Gaga, you never knew what he would do/sing/wear?

We don't have any Adam Lamberts this year. We have an Alex Lambert. Though I have no idea who that is.

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