Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV: Highlights and Lowlights.

Last night, like 96 million other Americans, I watched the Super Bowl matchup between the Colts and the Saints. Now, I love me some Manning brothers, but I was rooting for the Saints. A) They've never won a Super Bowl B) They deserve it after Katrina and C) Scott Fujita looks mighty fine in those Spandex.

And of course, the commercials. Before I get into them, allow me to share this snippet of conversation between the fiancé and me:

Me: These commercials are so sexist! Ugh!

Fiancé: Well, they know who their audience is.

Me: But a lot of women watch the Super Bowl.

Fiancé: Yeah, but they only watch for the commercials.

Me: Aha! See???

This is the first time in recent memory I've won an argument with the fiancé. I was pretty stoked.

Anywhosers, the commercials this year were mostly eh. Lots of talking babies (which freak me out), animals, beer, Doritos, and cars. One of my favorite commercials was this one from Dodge Charger. Here is part of the ad:

I will be civil to your mother

I will put the seat down

I will separate the recycling

I will carry your lip balm

I will watch your vampire TV shows with you (yesssss! I squealed at this part)

I will take my socks off before getting into bed (ha!)

I will put my underwear in the basket (yes!!!)

And because I do this, I will drive the car I want to drive. Charger: Man’s Last Stand!
(all right, all right, calm down, drive whatever you want, what do I care? As long as you put your underwear away)

Another great commercial was the Snickers one with Betty White and Abe Vigoda. That Betty White, she takes a beating in just about every cameo she makes. I also loved Oprah-Dave-Jay. Yes, talk about an awkwardly bad Super Bowl party. And I loved the screaming chickens from Denny's. My favorite chicken was the one screaming in outer space. Chicken astronaut! Awesome.

Everyone is raving about the ad paid for by Google. I don't know why Google bought an ad, since everybody uses it. Anyway, the ad was very sweet. It was a guy Googling advice, from how to find a job to how to have a long-distance relationship to where are the churches in Paris to how to build a crib. I didn't get it at first, because I came in to the ad about halfway in and had no idea what was going on. I felt like that kid who's late to the party and they've already cut the cake. I mean they saved a slice for you, but it's still not the same.

The halftime show was pretty good. The Who sang a medley of their hits, including the theme songs from all three CSIs. The band was positively geriatic. The lead singer looked like he was going to fall over and break a hip. Still, they rocked the hizzouse. Anybody who can belt out songs like that at age 962 deserves to sing at the Super Bowl.

Following the big game (congrats again to the Saints! who dat?) was the highly anticipated premiere of Undercover Boss. Okay let's be real, this show was NOT highly anticpated--people hardly knew it was on! I say this because throughout the game, people were Googling "what's on after the super bowl" to find my site. Anyway, the preliminary numbers are in, and Undercover Boss was watched by 31.35 million viewers. It was a great episode to lead off with, and I hope people liked it. I know I can relate to it--the head of my company does not know my name, and he works around the corner from my cube. And there are less than 30 people here. Sad face. Can I work for WasteManagement?

I keed.

Wow, this was a mammoth entry. And believe it or not, I've got more up my sleeve for today...

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