Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Stuff People Google To Find My Site.

Just for giggles (and because I didn't watch anything worth writing about last night), here are some of the most popular phrases people Google to find this blog.

"kent avenido filipino"

This is THE MOST popular phrase that links to my site. It seems the entire Philippine nation loves Howard Bamboo. Glee writers, are you taking note?

"america's next top model jennifer lazy eye"

This is another biggie. I don't know why people are still Googling her. Jennifer, if you're reading this, know that there are tons of people out there still thinking about you.

"courteney cox 40 is the new 20"

Believe it or not, I am the #1 link if you Google that phrase. Hollaaa. Also, a lot of people misspell Courteney.

"bachelor diversity white"

I am the #1 link here, too! Hey, ABC--I am not the only one tired of the same old, same old.

"what's on after the super bowl" With the big game on Sunday, I've gotten a lot of these lately. (Undercover Boss, you're welcome.) Hey CBS, you might want to do some marketing. Put up a poster or something. People have no clue.

There you have it. The random stuff people want to know about. By the way, Google, thanks for sending so many visitors my way!

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