Friday, February 12, 2010

The Amazing Race 16: Who Are We Rooting For?

Happy birthday to me! The Amazing Race premieres this Sunday, and I could not ask for a more wonderful belated birthday gift. Before I analyze the teams and give my list of favorites, here is how CBS is touting the new season:

"Eleven Teams Hit the Road for a 40,000-Mile Sprint around the Globe and Find Themselves in the Midst of a World War I Re-enactment, Retracing the Early Days of The Beatles and Come Face-to-Face with One of the World’s Most Infamous Villains."

Yep...still catering to the 65+ crowd, I see.

Also, who's the infamous villain? Osama bin Laden? Did they actually find the dude???

As far as the teams go, there's nothing crazy. Just your usual assortment of cowboys, models, lesbians, and...JEFF AND JORDAN FROM BIG BROTHER!!! This wasn't news to anybody who wasn't living under a rock, but I still get a little thrill every time I see their team photo. They are so cute. I'm so glad they are still together. They seem to really...oh, sorry. I'm supposed to be talking about TAR.

There is also an Asian American married couple (also adorable in their photo), who of course I'll be rooting for. I also like the grandma-granddaughter team. Grandma is 71 and she's a personal trainer! Note to self: Start taking calcium supplements. Last but not least, there is a team of undercover detectives. Hmm...I wonder if they found Osama?

TAR 16 kicks off at 8PM ET on Sunday. Phil, it's been too long.


  1. I will be rooting for the grandmother/granddaughter team in addition to Jeff and Jordan. :)

  2. Awesome! So far, so good...they're still in it to win it.