Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Love: Jerry Springer Style.

Big Love is getting CA-RAZY!

First you have Margene and Ben. Margene is one of Bill's three wives (the other two are Barb and Nicki). Ben is Barb's son--he's around 20. Margene is the youngest wife, she's in her mid-twenties. So their age difference isn't so bad. Except...Margene is pretty much like a mom/aunt to Ben. And they shared a passionate kiss. Ahhhh.

Then you have JJ, Nicki's ex-husband. Nicki and JJ have a very bitter relationship, because they can't agree on how to raise their daughter (Nicki wants her to get an education, and JJ wants her to be super-Mormon). Anyway, JJ goes to Alby (Nicki's brother, who's now the prophet) and makes him "prophesize" that JJ is supposed to marry Nicki's mother. Yes, that's right, Nicki's ex-husband is now her father. Ahhh!

By these standards, creepy Alby and his gay married lover are the most functional couple on the show. Hey Bill O'Reilly, you watching this show?

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