Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Traumatizing Moment On Grey's Anatomy.

In the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, we were treated to this horrifying plotpoint:

A woman is having abdominal surgery. While Dr. Bailey is digging through the woman's intestines, THE WOMAN WAKES UP.


The woman is frozen; she can't move, she can't speak. Meanwhile, Dr. Bailey does the #1 thing you're not supposed to do when you're operating on a woman and she wakes up: She freaks out.

If I ever need surgery for anything, here's what I want. I want my finger taped to a button attached to the side of the surgery table. If I feel myself start to wake up, I can press that button and the anaesthesiologist will know to shoot some more drugs into me to knock me out. How simple is that?

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