Monday, February 15, 2010

Lost: A Progress Report.

This weekend, the fiance and I watched a bunch of Lost episodes. I figured that if we got through two seasons a month, we'd be caught up by the time the finale airs in May.

Right now, we are four episodes into the 2nd season. And I've learned a few things:

1) I have seen TWO seasons of Lost, not one. I have also seen the first episode of the third season (which was stupendous, and my giving up on the show thereafter should not take away from that). The first season: I love all the characters' back stories and all the island survival stuff. Season one was excellent, and even watching it a second time, I found it absorbing. It's what a first season of any show should be. The second season, focusing on the Dharma Initiative and the hatch and the other group of people on the plane, is a complete departure from season one. I can feel myself slipping into familiar territory--not understanding what's going on, losing interest in the show, wanting more of the season one feel. I don't care about Desmond, I don't care about Ana Lucia, and I can't get that dang Mamas and the Papas song "Make Your Own Kind of Music" out of my head. It even played in my head throughout my nap today.

2) I really like Hurley and Locke. I didn't like Locke so much the first season, but now I can appreciate how smart and resourceful he is, and how he constantly forces other characters to evaluate themselves and make hard decisions. Hurley is the kind of deadpan funny that I love. And when he smiles, the whole room lights up. I wish for more Hurley in the coming episodes.

As terrific the first season was, it did lack a few things. One, it never resolved the question of Jack's ex-wife. What happened to her? Besides the fact that she now plays the mom on Modern Family? Another thing is, where do all the outfits come from? Seriously, Shannon and Kate and Sun wear the cutest shirts. And they all fit perfectly. Each one of them stranded on an island has more outfits than I currently do. The fiance pointed out that the survivors wear not just their own clothes but other people's clothes on the plane. A fair point. But it's still really hard for me to believe. A month's worth of fresh clothes? For each female character?

These are some of the things on my mind as I go through the episodes. Maybe I'll do a progress post each time I get through a season. I'm very curious what'll happen as I get into the episodes I haven't watched. Will I understand what's going on? Will I regret giving up on it three years ago? Will I still have the Mamas and the Papas song stuck in my head? Stay tuned.

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