Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lie To Me Returns June 7. I'd Care, If I Still Watched.

Around this time last year, I was still watching Lie to Me. For those not in the know, and judging by the ratings, that would be the overwhelming majority of the American population, the show is about a guy (Tim Roth) who solves crimes by reading people's expressions to see if they're lying. He leads a team of fellow expression-readers, none of whom are remotely interesting in their own right.

Lie to Me's premise is one that sound cool at first, and then you start to wonder if they can pull off more than a handful of episodes before the show becomes boring and irrelevant. Sadly, this was exactly the case with Lie to Me. I'd forget to download an episode, and then I'd realize...I didn't care! And before I knew it, it was 2010 and I was read the headline that the show is returning in June.

My first thought: When was it ever OFF the air?

Airing out of Lie to Me on Monday nights is the new dramedy, Good Guys (originally titled Code 58). It's about two cops who...eh, no one cares. Fox, please stop shoving new action shows down our throats and spin off Glee!

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