Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost Progress Report: Season 3.

The five stages of watching Lost:
Deeper Confusion

Right now, at the close of season 3, I am happy to report that I've achieved the acceptance stage. It's okay that I don't understand what's going on. It's okay that storylines haven't been tied up.

It's okay that more people are magically appearing on the island--some permanently, like Desmond, and some for a handful of episodes, like Nikki and Paulo. (How awesome was their death, by the way? Man!)

It's okay that Michael has disappeared, and it's okay that no one really cares.

It's okay that Alex was born on the island, and it's okay that this contradicts the idea that no woman who gets pregnant on the island lives to give birth to her child, and Alex is the product of Danielle and Ben, and Alex was conceived on the island, which means Danielle shouldn't still be alive. It's okay that I am not entirely sure about the accuracy of everything I just wrote in this paragraph.

Other things I've come to feel/learn upon finishing season 3:
-I can't stand Kate anymore. She was never my favorite character to begin with, but now I downright loathe her. I don't like how she toys with Jack's heart, then Sawyer's, then Jack's...and then she has the nerve to get pissy when she sees Jack hanging out with Juliet.
-I'm developing a weird crush on Hurley. He is the type of guy who grows on you the more time you spend with (watching) him. He is the type of guy you always feel safe around. And on a creepy island, there is no characteristic more attractive.

The fiancé and I are now going to take a mini-break from the show. Seasons 4 and 5 are short, and since we're a long way from the May 23 finale, we're going to need to stretch out the remaining episodes.

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