Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chuck! Soon!

I just read on (the website of my favorite magazine, Entertainment Weekly), that CHUCK might be back as early as late October.


Heart palpitating.

It's October NOW.

Holy crap!

Chuck could be on my TV as soon as two weeks!

This may or may not be related to the cancellation of Southland. Sorry, Benjamin McKenzie, but here is what Chuck has going and Southland didn't:

-Excellent camera work. And by excellent I mean the camera wasn't handheld and wobbly and made me nauseous. I get that the handheld aspect was supposed to enhance the feeling of immediacy, of being RIGHT THERE with the action. But then your show used a handheld on the HOOD OF THE CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY looking through the dashboard at the two cops. Um, people don't actually need to feel immediacy all the time. When I watched that, I felt like I was gripping the hood of the car for dear life. Not a good feeling.

-Zachary Levi. He's comedic and romantic and dramatic. Ben McKenzie is brooding. And brooding. And sometimes extra-brooding.

-Humor and brevity. Chuck features guns and bombs and TONS of action. But it is also one of the funniest shows on TV. Southland, from what I've read, was canceled because of its "dark nature." Hey, I love a dark show. Dexter. Law & Order: SVU. But Southland, from what I saw, had zero sunshine, despite a) two of its leads being blond and b) taking place in a, um, very sunshine-y state.

-Diversity. Chuck features an Indian guy, a weirdo guy, a Chinese chick, a black man, and yes, they are all very much a part of the show (unlike Tina C. on Glee, but that's another conversation) and have very funny and relevant storylines. Southland featured a mostly white police force chasing after black drug dealers. 'Nuff said.

Maybe the sudden consideration to bring back Chuck this month had nothing to do with the axing of Southland. I really hope it didn't, because Southland was supposed to air on Friday nights, and I do NOT NOT NOT want to see Chuck ANYWHERE on the Friday night schedule. That's the kiss of death. Listen, NBC, if you have any hope for Chuck (and I know you do, because you have not canceled the darn show despite its unfortunately low ratings), PLEASE put it somewhere good. And somewhere it won't get killed. I suggest Wednesdays at 8PM.

You're welcome, NBC.

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