Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NBC Says No to Glee. Smart Move. Not.

The cast of Glee was supposed to perform at the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. They were supposed to sing their amazing version of Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. A deal was all but locked into place between Fox and the parade's producers.

But when NBC, which broadcasts the parade, got wind of the deal, they said NO.

No, Glee! You cannot be in our parade! No, Glee, we don't want your singing talent. Or your dancing talent. Or the buzz that comes from having the cast of TV's most-talked-about new show perform on our network.

Hey, I understand that it's business. That NBC does not want to promote another network's show. I get that. But as the #4 network, ahead of only the CW, what did they have to lose?

If NBC had decided to let Glee perform, they'd look like a good sport. They'd look hip and pop-culture savvy. And their audience would've enjoyed the parade even more.

Instead, NBC looks bitter and petty.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

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