Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Um, Can We Get Wentworth Miller on Law & Order: SVU Permanently?

So with the dirth of TV last night, I finally had time to watch the first and second episodes of this season's Law & Order: SVU. I won't go into the second episode, because I'm "eh" about Eric McCormack--never watched Will & Grace.

BUT I was beyond thrilled when I settled on my sofa to watch SVU and the first person who pops up is the glorious Wentworth Miller, whose face is so handsome it hurts my bones to think of it. Ouch. Ouch. OUCH.

Sidenote: When I first started dating my fiance, I told him that he sort of looks like Wentworth, if he turns his head at a 45 degree angle and it is semi-dark out. He had no idea who that was. Whatever.

Even better than Wentworth appearing on my favorite crime procedural (okay, tied with CSI: Miami) is Wentworth appearing as a bad-boy cop. This is what he did during the episode (and this is just what I REMEMBER):

1) Yell at a rape victim. Passive-aggressively blame her for what happened to her. At one point, the victim got up to leave, and Wentworth said, very coolly, "Park it." Aye aye, Officer.

2) Run over a suspect Benson and Stabler were chasing. Hey, when legs aren't fast enough, use a car. That was actually his excuse after B & S yelled at him.

3) Shove a rapist out the window and have him splatter all over the pavement. This occurred while the rapist, who was in custody at the police station, said, "I need to use the bathroom," and Officer Wentworth volunteered to escort him. You knew trouble was a-coming.

Man, what a good episode. I have not seen a more awesome cop since Horatio Caine. Wentworth broke more rules than there are rules to be broken (seriously, I don't think there is an actual rule in the police manual that says "When pursuing suspect in foot chase, do not get in your car and stomp on the gas").

Please, NBC, please with a thousand cherries on top, will you bring Wentworth back for more episodes? I promise to give Trauma a try if you do.*

*It'll be canceled soon anyway.

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