Friday, October 16, 2009

A Likeable Meredith Grey?

I just watched the Grey's Anatomy episode from last week, the one where Meredith's dad needs a liver transplant, and I am pleased to report that for the first time in what feels like forever, I actually really liked Meredith.

For far too long, she has been written as a whiny, self-absorbed character who can't get out of her own head. I know you know you were sick of watching her go back and forth on McDreamy. We all thought he deserved better. Well, in this episode, we finally got to see a wonderful, empathetic side to Meredith.

The episode begins with Meredith's estranged dad stumbling into the hospital puking blood. He is a recovering alcoholic, and he needs a liver transplant. Lexie gets a blood test and finds out she's not a match. Everyone expects Meredith to do the blood test, too.

Everyone except Meredith. She's all, "Well, that sucks, guess he'll be dead soon." Everyone is horrified that Meredith is refusing to help her dad.

And that's just the thing. He is not her dad. He left her when she was a kid and married another woman, Lexie's mom. He also popped Meredith in the face once in the hospital, right in front of everybody. JERK. Not to mention he drank himself to a failing liver. Meredith did not want to give him her liver, and I for one agreed one million percent.

Then Lexie made her big plea. That even though Thatcher was a terrible father to Meredith, he was a great dad to Lexie, and by the way, she stole Meredith's files and Meredith is a blood match so won't she do this for Lexie, if not for their dad? It's a great, moving moment. I'm sold.

And so is Meredith. She goes to tell Thatcher the news, omitting the fact that she will be the one donating the liver. I love that she did that. If I were giving part of my liver up I'd be broadcasting it in sky writing. But Thatcher asks some more questions and Meredith finally fesses up that it's her liver. Thatcher says nope, not taking it.

Eventually, the doctors and Lexie and Meredith wear him down. The operation goes off beautifully. Meredith wakes up a chunk of liver lighter, and Lexie, who has been sleeping at her bedside, wakes up.

Lexie: (thanks Meredith effusively)

Meredith: Lexie?

Lexie: Yeah?

Meredith: You're on my IV.

I haven't seen the most recent ep, but I'm assuming Meredith's monthlong recovery was the writers' way of giving Ellen Pompeo maternity leave. I'm sorry to see her go--just when she got likeable.

Now, if we could just get Katherine Heigl pregnant...

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  1. She's not going anywhere. Ellen Pompeo is already back on set filming after 4 weeks maternity leave. she will not miss any episodes. THANK GOD. I want her front and center again. miss her.