Thursday, October 8, 2009

No, Howard Bamboo, No!

On last night's Glee, Howard Bamboo, played by Kent Avenido (who we now know is Filipino), was arrested for selling pharmaceutical drugs. The police came in and actually tackled the poor guy to the floor. All because of Mr. Shuester's evil wife.

I know initially I said I loved everything about this show, including said evil wife. Well I changed my mind. I can't stand her now. There is nothing redeemable about Terri Shuester. She's not funny, she's not clever, and she is RUINING Mr. Shuester's life. At least the evil cheerleading coach is wickedly funny. Not to mention independent--I LOVE strong female characters. But stupid whiny conniving Terri needs to go. Now.

And how heartbreaking was that final scene when Emma told Mr. S that she accepted Ken Tanaka's proposal? I wanted to cry for them. Saddest moment of the TV season by far.

On a happier note, Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum Jr., got some MAJOR screen time. And he. is. awesome. SUCH a good dancer--and no wonder, he's in the latest iPod commercial, dancing his fanny off. I could not take my eyes off Harry Shum, and that's saying a lot, considering there were 5 other guys dancing alongside him. I just read an interview Harry gave, and apparently, the guy is 100% Chinese (holla) and he was born in Costa Rica and speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese). And did I mention how cute he is?

I am loving how my favorite new show features so many Asian characters. Mike Chang, Ken Tanaka, Tina C., Howard Bamboo, Principle Figgins (played by a Pakistani-American). And it's not even a show about martial arts! I just hope they release Howard Bamboo from jail and throw Terri in in his place. That'd be just perfecto.

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