Friday, October 9, 2009

Survivor: Samoa: Victory Goes to Foa Foa...and a Chicken

On last night's Survivor: Samoa, the hapless, heretofore winless tribe Foa Foa finally won an immunity competition!

I am so happy for the yellow team. Prior to their win, the tribes had been so mismatched that Galu had to sit out FOUR members of their team for the reward challenge earlier in the episode.

That reward challenge, by the way, was won by Galu. The prize: a couple of chickens. Shambo, who fancied herself a chicken whisperer by virtue of having lived on a farm, went over to make friends with the chickens, and one of them escaped and flew into a tree. Shambo's excuse: "I didn't know those chickens could fly."

And in case you wondered, nobody got the chicken down. As far as we know, she's living the high life (so to speak). Provided the recent tsunami didn't kill it. Go chicken!

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