Friday, October 16, 2009

V: I Don't Think So.

We are less than 3 weeks away from the premiere of V, ABC's remake of the 1980s miniseries about aliens who land on earth. I could go further into the details about this show, but I just. don't. care.

There seems to be a trend among the broadcasters to find old shows/movies and make "new" shows out of them. Knight Rider, American Gladiators, Melrose Place, 90210, Eastwick. CBS is even making a new Hawaii Five-O. Yes. Hawaii Five-O.

I don't get it--aren't TV networks all about the younger viewers, ages 18-49? Why, then, would they think we're interested in shows from the Dark Ages?

I know, not all TV remakes are bad. I love the new/old Melrose. But the networks have to take a serious look at what kind of audience watched the old shows, and whether they want that same audience to watch the newer version. If you want to cater to the Grandpa demographic, then go ahead, NBC, remake The Rockford Files. I'll be over here watching fresh, original programming like Fox's Glee and ABC's Modern Family.

I digress. Going back to V--there is a fair amount of buzz surrounding the new ABC version, so I went and downloaded the original. The first episode was just aiiight. So I watched another one. Then I went on vacation with my fiance's family.

Fiance: Should I bring some episodes on my laptop?

Me: We'll just watch them when we get back.

That didn't happen. Neither of us was interested in a time period when women had big hair and wore lots of eyeliner.

The newer version of V stars that blonde from Lost. No, not Sonya Walger. The other blonde, the one who plays Juliet. I don't know why ABC likes to recycle all its blondes on all the other shows on the network--Rebecca Romijn and Julie Bowen, just to name a few others. I'm tired of it.

In short, I have no plans to watch V. The original was eh, the cast is eh, and the plot is unoriginal. Sorry, ABC.


  1. I agree the actors were ewww and the show is old, but I think it had some interesting ideas. The fact that humanity could be manipulated by politics and espionage and intelligent aliens, rather than by brutal force is one of interest. You already know I won't be watching V since NCIS is on the same night, but there is another reason, 4 episodes in november, 4 episodes in March? I don't think so! ABC, are you pulling my leg?

  2. You're not the only one who thinks this is a bad move on ABC's part. I don't understand the decision behind airing just four episodes either. With all the other networks airing reruns and holiday specials all through December, why wouldn't ABC want to take advantage of an audience home on holiday/vacation and looking for fresh programming?

    I do agree though--the premise is intriguing and raises some very interesting questions (like FlashForward, one of my new favorites). If I continue to hear good things about the show, I may download the episodes in mid-February so I can pick it up in March. None of this waiting 4 months nonsense!