Friday, November 6, 2009

A Letter to South Park

Dear South Park,

I wanted to thank you. You are the first show on television (that I've seen, anyway), that recognizes the utter obnoxiousness that are motorcycle riders, the ones who make their engines REALLY LOUD, so loud they set off car alarms and interrupt conversations and drown out lines of dialogue in TV shows and basically, for 5-10 seconds, send my blood to a boil.

No, I didn't like the way you went about highlighting the obnoxiousness. I wish you hadn't used the word f*g over and over and acted like it was acceptable.

But I know you're a show that doesn't give a f*ck about what viewers like me think. Perhaps you offend to entertain or you just aim to entertain and offense comes as a byproduct. Or maybe the line between the two has become so blurred you can't see it anymore. But I have the fullest confidence that whatever offenses you commit, you are well aware of them. You've weighed your options and chosen to kept the offenses in--for humor, or for some other reason. And I can live with that.

I don't know if you chose motorcycle riders as a means to an end, or if you genuinely have a beef with loud motorcycles. Either way, I hope a chunk of your motorcycle-owning audience sees the show and thinks, "Perhaps I should invest in a muffler." And for that, I thank you.

A TV Fan

P.S. If you're the douchebag motorcycle owner whose girlfriend lives in my building, YES, I'm the one who called 311 on you, and I'd do it again. There is NO REASON to parade up and down my (residential) street at 7AM every morning (including weekends) for two weeks straight and ride up onto the sidewalk to make U-turns and idle for hours in front of my building and generally make a fool of yourself. NONE.

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