Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TV Tidbits: The Hills and CSI: Miami

The Hills: The Pot Calling the Kettle Drunk

I watched last week's Hills today. And I cannot believe the audacity of Speidi and Stephanie telling Holly she's got a problem with alcohol.

Holly may be a kooky dancer, and she may have no sense of how she comes across in public, but it looks to me like she holds her liquor just fine. Perhaps her swaying her arms about is how the people of Colorado dance. Who are we to judge?

Besides, Stephanie should talk. She was recently arrested for a DUI coming out of Heidi's birthday party.

This show. I just don't know what to do with it sometimes. It's as exasperating as it is entertaining.

CSI: Miami: Thanks, But I Already Saw The Hangover

I have seen almost every episode of this show, and it rarely disappoints. But last night, I was surprised at how unoriginal it was. The whole episode was pretty much ganked from The Hangover. Everybody and their mother has seen this movie by now. So why did Miami try to pull this one over on us?

There was the gang of groomsmen on a lark before the Big Day. There was the trashed-beyond-recognition hotel room. There was the waking up drunk with no idea of what transpired the night before. There was a missing groom. And a random stripper.

Actually, this describes your average American pre-wedding ritual, so maybe I'm being too harsh here.

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