Monday, November 16, 2009


So last night, I finally got around to watching the premiere of V. During the episode, I:

1) Decried the lack of racial diversity 1,000 times. My poor fiance had to hear all of it. Though in the end, he did agree with me. Token black couple aside, this show is very white. And it takes place in New York City. Okay.

2) Washed the dishes. This includes a pie pan, a water glass and two mugs and two spoons.

3) Flossed and brushed my teeth.

4) Played fetch with the cat.

5) Came back to the TV and repeated step 1).

I know V is a remake, but cheese Louise, that's no excuse to totally suck.

My questions for the producers of V:

1) Why does it move so dang fast? What's the hurry? One minute, the aliens land, and the next, they're taking humans onboard the spaceship for a tour. I mean, the Obama administration has been in office for almost a year and we still don't have universal healthcare, yet the aliens land on Earth and gain a zillion followers in two minutes? Slow down, V. Don't you want to save some stuff for season 2? Or episode 2, for that matter?

2) Why is the alien Caucasian? ABC could've made the alien blue, orange, purple, green. They could've given her sixteen eyes and pointy ears and wings. Instead, they made her look like McKey, the winner of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11.

3) If you were an alien race with significant knowledge of Earth and its people, why would you spend so much time hanging around America? Why wouldn't you first take over China and India, the two most populous countries? Or perhaps a country with a proven record of people blindly following their leader (you guys can fill in the blanks), as opposed to a rambunctious country like America, where protesting is a way of life?

4) Why didn't anybody at NASA see the spaceship coming?

You get where I'm going with this. The show makes no sense, and I'm very frustrated that I spent almost an hour half-paying attention to it. The fiance enjoyed it, but I have no plans to catch the next episode. Blergh. F-minus.

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