Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dexter, You Finally Did It. Oh, Crap.

TV's adorable vigilante killer finally went and did it.

He accidentally killed an innocent person.


I totally was not expecting this. Sunday's episode started off kind of slow. Actually, I wasn't really paying attention because I was checking Facebook. Then I ran out of Live Feed stories and settled in to watch, really watch.

Some background thoughts about this season: I'm really enjoying the John Lithgow storyline. I had to turn my eyes away from that deer, though. I'm also liking the domestic Dexter. And unlike some people, I don't find Rita annoying. I like their whole dynamic and Dexter's relationship w/ the kids. I even like that freaky-looking baby Harrison. Did anyone else notice he went from being completely bald to having a full head of hair in two episodes? Oh, casting, you (not so) sly devil, you.

Everything else is so good, you can't blame me for not paying much attention to the case du jour. There goes Dexter, stalking his latest victim. There goes Quinn, foiling Dexter's plan. There goes Dexter, foiling Quinn's plan to foil Dexter's plan. There goes Dexter, successfully jabbing the needle into the victim. There goes Dexter, killing the victim with a swing of the cleaver.

Now it's the following day. Dexter shows up to work looking the same as always: pastel casual in slacks and a mint-green plaid shirt.

Me: I really like that shirt. I'm going to buy it for you.

Fiance: That is a nice shirt.

Now they're dragging a dude into the office in handcuffs. Apparently, he's the assistant of the guy everyone thought was the killer. They have DNA evidence, camera footage, everything. This guy, the one Dexter DIDN'T kill, he's the guy who actually committed the murder.


Dexter just barely makes it to his office before collapsing on the floor. In the distance, his ghostly father Harry frowns at him: You f*cked up, Dexter!

I love it. Love it. This is like that episode of Mad Men where some guy's foot got shredded by a lawn mower. Just when you're getting comfy/bored with an episode, something ups and hits you in the face and makes you go HOLY CRAP DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?

Ah, Dexter. You are simply wonderful.

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