Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mad Men: There Goes My Foot

So I'm watching Sunday's episode of Mad Men, thinking this is another one of those calm, borderline boring episodes. Joan is leaving Sterling Cooper, and the office ladies have thrown her a small party and bought a nice sheet cake. The men are standing around drinking champagne and talking about the PPO merger. One of the guys rides in on his new Deere lawn mower (Deere is his new client). Peggy is thanking Joan for her advice. Everyone's just shooting the breeze.

Then one of the women decides to get on the lawn mower. It becomes quickly apparent that she has no idea what she's doing. The mower zips all over the office, and people dive out of the way while others continue chatting. Next thing we know, a spray of brownish-red liquid shoots through the air and lands on three people, the lawn mower has crashed through one of the office doors, taking the walls down with it, and a guy is lying on the floor screaming bloody agony.

The lawn mower has shredded his foot.

Well, that's one way to wake us up. Thanks, Mad Men!

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