Thursday, September 24, 2009

All the Single Ladies! And the Gay Men!

Last night's episode of Glee was my favorite so far. This show just gets better and better. No, there weren't many musical numbers (normally my favorite segments), but the one featured was the highlight of the whole dang show. And it was...

...the football dance number. Holy, holy crap. I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole thing. I didn’t even care that it was ENTIRELY UNBELIEVABLE that a delay of game wasn’t called and the football player managed to run across the field to the end zone in one second. Okay, I care a little.

Other things I loved about the episode:
-Kurt’s dad accepting him as gay. A sweet, touching moment. By the way, did anyone else think his dad was Sam the Plow Guy from Men in Trees? Anyone?
-Sue's Corner. Principal Figgins and his random stocking commercial.
-This line: “My body is like a rum chocolate soufflĂ©. If I don’t warm it up right, it doesn’t rise.”

What I didn’t love:
-Terri wanting Quinn’s baby? Creepy and implausible. By the way, hasn’t Will touched his wife at ALL in the last month? How can he not know she has a pad on her belly?
-Lea Michele. Lea, when did you become such a brat? Yes, you sang Taking Chances 1000x better than Celine Dion. Yes, you’re more talented than Tina C. But you went from the underdog we rooted for to the selfish diva we're starting to hate. Glee, you had better find a way for Lea to redeem herself. I’m not kidding!
-Speaking of…Tina C. was totally upstaged in every scene she was in (thanks, Diva Lea!). Yes, she got to sing by herself for about 30 (sorta painful) seconds, but we didn’t get to see her shine. She has the personality of a doormat, and her only known characteristic is she stutters. I really hope she gets a better storyline, though not at the expense of Kurt. I love Kurt.

By the way, Kanye called me in the middle of writing this blog to say Beyonce’s dancing was better than Kurt’s.


  1. I actually love Lea/Rachel more and more with each episode! I can totally understand why people dislike her character, but I am so obsessed! I love EVERYTHING about her! Even the divatude! <333

  2. Linda - you have to check out the Chicago Bears Superbowl Shuffle - search for it on youtube. You'll love it :)

    - Melissa F.

  3. OMG Melissa it's hilarious. Thanks for suggesting it!

    And to the Lea/Rachel fan, I'm with you, she is an amazing singer and I love her character too. But a little reality check never hurt anybody!