Friday, September 25, 2009

TV Tidbits: Grey’s Anatomy, Cougar Town

-On last night’s two-hour depressing Grey’s Anatomy premiere, a comatose George O’Malley got more screen time than he did all last season. Yep, I’m still bitter they decided to keep Katherine Heigl and kill off George. George was the Everyman of the show, the heart of the whole series. I like Izzie too, but every time she comes on screen I see her as Katherine Heigl biting every hand that feeds her. And then I stop liking Izzie. By the way, how does everybody at Seattle-Grace know what ceviche is and I’ve never even heard of it? Am I crazy? Probably.

-I finally gave in and watched five minutes of Cougar Town on YouTube. It got such strong ratings and reviews, so why not? Five minutes = 25% of the show. And enough for me to know that it’s still. not. funny. I liked the part where the old guy could hear Courteney Cox, but that was it. The whole show seems to be Courteney Cox’s character, Jules Cobb, lamenting her age and trying to fit in a world where everybody is 20something. If the show was about a frumpy-looking woman with a dead-end job living in a crappy apartment, I’d watch. But being attractive, affluent, successful in her career, Jules Cobb’s struggles is like a supermodel saying, “I didn’t always look like this, when I was a teenager everybody told me I was an ugly loser.” Yeah. Whatever.


  1. Ceviche was very prominent in Heigl's recent movie The Ugly Truth - so maybe thats why. Don't listen to all the crap about her biting the hand that feeds her that is just not true at all. It is a shame when a woman can't even have opinion without being vilified.

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  3. Ah. Did not see that movie, on principle. :) She dissed Knocked Up (a great movie) and went on to basically play the same character in The Ugly Truth.

    I agree with you that oftentimes women are crucified just for having an opinion. In the case of KH, though, I think the criticism is actually justified.