Thursday, September 17, 2009

The FlashForward Compromise

Dear FlashForward,

I want to like you, I do.

You have a great premise: The whole world blacks out for two minutes, during which time everyone has a brief vision of their future. You pose a terrific, philosophical question: What would you do if you knew what your future was? Would you work toward it, knowing it was inevitable? Or try to change it? Okay, that's three questions.

You have a pretty great cast. And by pretty great cast I mean the hot, talented and funny John Cho, who is finally getting a big role in primetime TV. IMDB says he was in Ugly Betty, but alas, I don't remember him there at all.

The thing is, FlashForward, I don't know if I want the commitment.

You see, about five years ago, a little show called Lost came along, and I fell in love with it. Two years later, I broke up with it. Too many new characters, plotlines, mysteries. My head exploded, and I had enough.

Same thing happened with House. Prison Break. Heroes. Shows that all started out with a simple, brilliant concept that quickly evolved into too-big commitments and too many new characters I didn't care about.

So FlashForward, how about a compromise? How about we take this one episode at a time? If, at any point, I stop liking you, I can stop downloading you (because, of course, I'll be watching Survivor: Samoa). A clean break. No guilt. So? How 'bout it?

A TV fan

P.S. If you had cast John Cho in the lead, I wouldn't have had to write this letter. I'm just saying.

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  1. Hi!!

    If you want to check out a pretty cool FlashFoward feature: (You won't see John Cho but you will see some other familiar faces!!)

    Also you can join the Facebook fan page to hear the latest about the cast:

    AND watch the first 18 minutes here:

    Hope you like it!!