Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CSI: Miami Just Got Hotter...

First off, a big thank-you to the Anonymous commenter who wrote that Kent Avenido, aka Howard Bamboo from Glee, is a Kentucky-born Filipino. Anonymous, consider yourself having educated the masses!

Last night on CSI: Miami, which started off explosively (literally), Eddie Cibrian took his shirt off. You can take a moment to savor that.

And what a great episode! There were a couple of very "Horatio" moments. Like when the hostage-taker demanded to speak to Horatio in ten seconds or else he'd shoot one of the hostages:

Hostage-taker (getting pissed): "Five...four...three...two..."

Horatio (calmly): "This is Horatio."

Then there was the part where Horatio decided to go in and speak with the hostage. He came in slowly wearing a SWAT vest and had both arms raised over his head. And guess what he had in his hand? HIS SUNGLASSES. Love. It.

Sadly, I didn't miss Delko at all. Didn't even notice he was absent until the very end, when the team got together for after-work drinks. My prediction: Eddie Cibrian will start dating Calleigh and Natalia will be jealous. I know this already happened w/ Delko, but whatever. Eddie Cibrian is hot enough to gank someone else's storyline.

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