Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Tree Hill: Out With the Blonds, In With Robert Buckley

I just got caught up with the current season of One Tree Hill, a show I've been watching since its inception. Initially, I thought it was too "Southern" for me. I couldn't relate to it at all. But as shows are wont to do, OTH grew on me, and now I can't imagine a TV season without it.

There were many changes this season, most notably that Peyton and Lucas are gone. I didn't think the producers could pull off a show without them. Almost every storyline revolved around Peyton and Lucas, Lucas and Peyton. But now I know the show can be done sans the blonds. Yes, I will miss Peyton and her big emotional heart. I will even miss Lucas's squinty eyes and his voiceovers. But eh, life moves on.

I'm really liking the two new additions to this revamped OTH: Robert Buckley, and the redhead who plays Haley's sister Quinn. Quinn is like the outspoken version of Haley, with 10x the baggage. Robert Buckley plays Nathan's sports agent, who defies his profession's stereotypes--I thought he'd be a smarmy liar...but instead, I really like him. Mostly because he looks like Scott Speedman, but I like him for being a nice guy too.

The second episode of OTH broke my heart. Fans of Naley (that's Nathan + Haley to non-watchers) have known from practically the first episode that those two belong together, and Nathan will always be faithful to Haley. Because he's just a good, decent person. Well, knock me over with a feather because some trashy girl has come forward and said that Nathan slept with her after winning a big basketball game. And she has the sonogram to prove it. Agggggghhhhh. I really really want to believe that she's lying and it'll turn out the sonogram is fake or it's really someone else's kid. Or some other crazy sh*t because OTH has been know to pull quite a few things out of its you-know-where. But there is that one teeeeeny part of me that is brokenhearted to think that it might be true. That Nathan really did cheat on Haley. In which case, my world has been turned inside-out. Up is down. Down is up. The boogeyman exists. Brothers will not be canceled.

Say it ain't so, Nathan. Don't you break my (and Haley's) heart like that!

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