Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CSI: Miami: Sunset Beach Redux. Plus: Glee Gets Picked Up!

Before I get started on last night’s premiere of CSI: Miami, I have good news: Glee has just been picked up for the full season! It’s a great sign this show is here to stay—so keep watching, folks!

On to CSI: Miami. Last night, we went back in time to 1997, when Horatio didn’t have sunglasses, Delko was a tow truck driver, Calleigh was extra smiley, Speedle was still alive, Natalia was at some other lab, and Frank Tripp had hair. It was also nice to see Alexx with the two x’s, and Ryan Wolfe, too. Man, I’ve missed this gang. It has been one long summer without them.

The episode jumped back and forth between past and present. In the present, Delko is in a coma after Calleigh shot him in the head by mistake. In the past, Delko is alive and helping Horatio solve a murder. It was, by the way, the easiest case in the world. There were only two suspects, the handsome, estranged husband (played by the guy who played Michael on Sunset Beach—more on that later) and the weirdo, pervy-looking gardener. Guess who the perp was.

One of the highlights of the episode was Eddie Cibrian. I’ll let you take a moment to enjoy that. Eddie Cibrian. Eddie Cibrian. There he was, looking just as handsome as he did when he starred in my favorite canceled soap, Sunset Beach, as Cole Deschanel the jewel thief. I swear the guy has not aged in the TEN YEARS since SB was canceled. It’s just not fair. How funny it is that he and Michael got to do this episode together.

Another great moment, one that would only happen on this crazy show, is how they nabbed the perp. Horatio checks out the gardener’s shirt, his hair, etc. for blood. He finds nothing. Gardener smirks. Then Horatio goes wait a second, and someone gives him a swab and Horatio sticks it up the guy’s nose because apparently a teeny drop of the murder victim’s blood HAD LANDED ON ONE OF HIS NOSTRIL HAIRS. How can you not love this show?

At the end of the episode, the whole gang was gathered around Delko at the hospital, waiting for him to open his eyes. And when he did, I cried. This show gets to me. Every time.

And guess what? Cole, I mean Eddie Cibrian, is now a regular on this show. Meanwhile, Delko is on his way out. You’ll see him next on Ugly Betty playing Hilda’s ex. And I just realized. Eddie Cibrian was ALSO on Ugly Betty as Hilda’s boyfriend. Whoaaa Nelly!

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  1. Yes, I enjoyed Eddie, too. I had to take several moments to look at him over and over again. The man is gorgeous!