Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mad Men Drives Me Mad Sometimes

I just watched the 3rd episode of Mad Men, season 3. I'm all caught up. And I agree with what some people are saying--NOTHING IS HAPPENING THIS SEASON. Nothing. Nada.

Here is what I remember from last night's ep:

-Sally stole money from Grandpa, who passive-aggressively blamed the black maid (like we didn't see that coming). Eventually, Sally gave it back. Then she read a book to him and everything was A-OK.

-There was a fancy party that Don and Betty went to. An old guy asked to feel Betty's baby bump. Not creepy at all.

-The Sterling Cooper staff smoked pot. Peggy has a new secretary who is older than she is.

I rest my case. The show was a whole lotta nothing. And yet I still love it.

There are some things that bother me about this show though. One of them--and this is a big one--is that they never resolve anything. Ever. Pete throwing the chicken out the window? Best moment of season 2, and yet...nothing. Joan getting raped by her fiance? Still with the guy. Peggy telling Pete she had his baby and gave him/her away? Life goes on. Nobody addresses anything from the past, nobody says "Hey, I'm still mad at you for blah blah."

I loved the dance Pete and Trudy did though. Afterwards, I turned to Matt, my fiance, and said, "I wish you would--" but he shook his head no before I even finished the sentence.

The other show I watched last night was Big Brother. Jeff & Jordan make a cute couple and it's sad they will be broken apart. But Jordan is basically dead weight (along with Natalie) and she doesn't deserve to win anyway. I hope Kevin takes home the money and goes on a fabulous vacation with his hot boyfriend. Jeff already has that Hawaii trip anyway, and Michelle won a gigantic new TV and Blue-Ray player. I'm not jealous.

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