Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hills: Faker Than Audrina Patridge's Hair Color.

Some of you may have read that LA Times article. You know, the one in which Kristin Cavallari blatantly says MTV tells her what to say, what do, and that she doesn't give a flying crap about saying yes because it's just TV. Here's a direct quote:

"Everyone is trying to get story lines and create drama in their lives. It's just so... fake. There's no truth to it. At all."

Well, with that in mind, let's break down the implausible moments on last night's premiere of The Hills:

-The fight between Kristin, Audrina, and Stephanie. Lots of screaming out of nowhere. Kristin and Audrina trying to hide their smiles. Yep, fake.

-Spencer Pratt: "It's my way or the lame way." No human being, with the exception of Kanye, could possibly be this annoying in real life. Spencer clearly hams it up for the cameras, while Heidi plays along as admonishing but adoring wife. Fake.

-Lauren Conrad no longer being part of their lives. Fake, fake, fake. The girl was central to all the other Hills people--girlfriend of Brody, friend of Frankie, BFF of Lo, friend of Stephanie, rival of Kristin, etc. How come LC wasn't at any of the parties? Or if she was, why wasn't she sitting near her BFFs?

Oh like it matters how fake this show is. I'm still addicted to it. And I bet you are too.

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