Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The City: Let's Pretend Erin Never Existed.

I hate when shows do this. They drop a character and pretend like that person never existed in the first place. Or they have an episode that doesn't include one of the main characters, and they don't address that person's absence.

CSI: Miami did it this week with Delko. (Look, I know he's in the hospital, but the least they could've done was have Calleigh call him up and be like, "Sorry again for shooting you. Want me to sneak you some Mickey D's?") And The Hills did it last night (see previous entry).

Now Whitney's friend Erin from season 1, who let her crash at her apartment and make things awkward for her and her boyfriend, is gone from the show. Reports are Erin had a falling-out with Whitney and decided to leave the show to focus on her career. Okay, but how hard would it be for Whitney to call up one of her girlfriends and have this conversation (it doesn't matter that the falling-out happened months ago--remember, these shows are all scripted anyway):

Whitney: I had a fight with Erin. I'm not hanging out with her anymore.

Friend: Aw.

Whitney: Yeah. Want to go to Pinkberry?

In any case, even with the absence of Erin, this episode was really good! Olivia, who no longer works with Whitney, scored an interview with Elle magazine. The guy who interviews her, Joe Zee, seems like he'd be really cool to work with. He's such a nice guy, he chooses to ignore Olivia's frosty, I'm-too-cool-for-people vibe and offers her a job. Then he brings in a blonde he works with to introduce her to Olivia. I forget the blonde's name. She instantly takes a disliking to Olivia. That makes her A-OK in my book. She gives Olivia an assignment, which involves putting together one outfit for $25 and one outfit for $75. Olivia ignores her instructions and gets the assignment partly wrong. Blonde says, You did this wrong. Olivia says, I don't have to listen to you. Blonde says, I've never been talked back to like this. Olivia says, Whatever, and walks out.

Meanwhile, the poor intern who's been in the room the whole time looks like she regrets moving to the Big Apple.

Then there's Roxy Olin. She's Whitney's old friend from high school and, apparently, a younger version of Kelly Cutrone. Color me shocked that Kelly hires Roxy for a job. Roxy appears to lead a very charmed life. I mean, I don't know that I could move to a big city where some girl I knew from high school would let me crash at her gorgeous high-rise apartment and score me a job for which I was not qualified. Wow. Maybe she should buy some lottery tickets, too.

As you can see, So there's enough trashy-fake-OMGdidshereallysaythat goodness to keep tuning in this season. Erin, Schmerin!

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