Monday, September 28, 2009

The Amazing Race: Wasabi Bombs and Lying Poker Players (How Redundant!)

Ah, the return of Phil. There is no better way to end the weekend than a two-hour Amazing Race. There really isn't.

Alas, we were also treated to the obnoxious duo known as Maria and Tiffany, the professional poker players who made up a story about helping homeless kids for a living. Look, you can lie on Survivor. Big Brother. In fact, you're kind of expected to lie on those shows. But don't you dare taint TAR with your poorly crafted, easily exposed sob stories! UGH.

Best part of the episode was watching the teams corral the ducks around. I have no idea how Zev managed to do it (other than NOT SCREAM AT THE DUCKS), but it was great watching him. O Duck Whisperer, I hope you and your partner make it all the way to the end.

One thing I dislike every season is when they have challenges at places that don't open until the next morning. Then all the teams catch up and the ones who hustled to get there first have done so for naught. I know the show does this to keep the race fairly tight, but it's gotta be disappointing for those teams last night who chipped in money to bribe the bus driver to leave early. What a waste of money!

Speaking of disappointment-how bummed would you be to make it all the way to the show, only to be stuck in LA while all the other teams fly off to Japan? The yoga team had to say their goodbyes to Phil at (I looked it up because I forgot) the Los Angeles River Basin. The least the show could've done was broken their hearts someplace besides Graffiti Alley. Yeesh!

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