Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: Thumb Sideways. The Beautiful Life: TBZzzzzzzz

Three posts in one night? Did somebody watch too much TV this weekend? I think yes.

I tried two new series tonight, The Vampire Diaries and The Beautiful Life: TBL. One sucked, and the other one was The Beautiful Life. Haha. Get it?

Now since TVD (I'd rather not call it just VD) premiered ten days ago, I had two episodes to watch. The premiere was eh. But it had a kickin' soundtrack, and there was just something about the characters, particularly Elena (Nina Dobrev from Degrassi, holla) and the creepy yet cute stalker vampire, and Stefan (the young soldier from Army Wives who tried to hook up with Claudia Joy's teenage daughter). I didn't care much for Ian Somerhalder, who looks about 40 years old. Nor did I care for Elena's druggie brother (what a cliche), or their aunt, who by the way looks exactly like the brother's ex-girlfriend. Um, casting? Yeah--diversity needed. PRONTO. The show didn't blow me away, and I had another episode in the can, so I watched it, and by the end, I started to like the show a little more. No, it's not appointment television, but it's worth downloading for a rainy day.

The Beautiful Life. Twenty minutes in, and I wanted to strangle myself. The characters were UNINTERESTING. Also, I could not understand a word they were saying, partly because several of them spoke with a vague British accent. And I couldn't keep track of everyone's connection to everyone else. And Mischa Barton annoyed me. (By the way, why is she so angsty in every show she's on?) And I couldn't get over that poor Corbin Bleu from High School Musical. He had the worst storyline of everybody. He had the dream job of being a DJ or something, and he hooked up with some older lady who ran an agency or something. Zzzzz. At the end of the episode, the blonde made a corny joke about how the new model guy had to sleep in her room. "Where?" "On the floor." The end. But thanks, TBL, for freeing up my Wednesdays to watch Glee. Yay!

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