Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey, Ben. Kool-Aid and Ketchup Sandwiches Don’t Really Go Together.

Last night’s Survivor: Samoa showed two never-before-dunnits in the show’s 19-season history.

The first was smarmy Russell finding the immunity idol without any clues. He wanted to find it, he went around and looked up a tree, and BAM, there it was. Son of a gun. How many times have contestants been sent to Exile Island, over and over, and given 10,000 clues, and still not find it? Love or hate him, you gotta have a little admiration for Russell.

The second was a person--Ben--actually getting kicked out of a competition. I can see why he was pissed. The game called for everyone to kill each other whilst throwing a football through a net. There was a lot of kicking, punching, shoving, wrestling, etc. You name it, and it happened on that muddy field, much to the happiness of the male viewers at home, including my fiancé. Now, for some crazy reason, Jeff Probst decided there was too much violence (hello! This is football! Sort of) and said the next person who took a cheap shot would get booted. 0.000021 seconds later, Ben got booted.

That wasn’t the exciting part, though you wouldn’t know it from the big hoo-ha Jeff made about “the first time in the history of Survivor” and all that. It wasn’t like Ben won eight Olympic gold medals. He just kicked a guy on a reality show. The exciting part was when the purple team won and they got to have one of their tribemates check out the other camp. Yasmin was chosen to go over, and she started things off just right by insulting the yellow team for being total losers. Then she called Ben out for a little chat. Apparently, Ben had pushed her at some point in the competition, and she wanted him to apologize. He refused. So she told him he was a wuss for pushing a girl. Ben’s response, to Russell: She’s “ghetto trash” and needs to go back home and eat ketchup sandwiches and drink Kool-Aid. Oh no, that’s not racist at all, Ben. Jerk.

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