Sunday, November 8, 2009

McDreamy and Arizona: Two McAwesome Performances

I had a mini Grey's Anatomy marathon last night, and by the end, I needed to be consoled by the fiance. They were that wrenching, and that good.

The first one centered on McDreamy, everybody's favorite doctor. This guy Isaac, who works at the hospital, asks him to take out a giant tumor that has grown up and down his spinal column. The Chief, who is becoming more of an a-hole with each progressive episode, tells McDreamy not to do it. Costs too much money, it's a hopeless surgery, blah blah. McDreamy says whatevs and he does it anyway. Snip, snip, he gets the whole dang tumor out. More than 24 hours of surgery. Insane. I was holding my breath the whole time. When Isaac wakes up and finds out he's going to be OK, I got tears in my eyes.

That McDreamy. He can operate on me any day.

Anyway, even though all turned out OK, the Chief fires McDreamy for disobeying him. Chief, you can suck it.

The second episode was mainly about Arizona and this ten-year-old patient of hers named Wallace. Wallace is a doctor wannabe, and he even goes on rounds and explains patients' histories to interns and stuff. Wallace is awesome. But he's got an intestinal thing that he's been fighting for two years and he shouldn't even be alive but here he is. Anyway, he's back in the hospital and Arizona is sure this is it, his luck's run out, he's going to die soon. His parents want him to have surgery to prolong his life but Arizona is adamantly against it, because surgery will kill him. The parents say well then we're taking back the $25 million we promised to your hospital. The Chief and one of the hospital administrators convince Arizona to do the surgery. Wallace dies. Arizona is furious and upset. She goes home and there is a surprise birthday party waiting for her. Arizona leaves in tears. She goes back to the hospital to see the parents. They are in disbelief as they pack up Wallace's things. They all go down to the morgue to see him, and the mom starts to do the dream chant thing "bad dreams, bad dreams, go away, good dreams, good dreams, here to stay" that she used to do for him when he was alive. She can't finish, though, because she is too choked up, so Arizona steps in and does the chant two more times, because Wallace used to say that you have to do it three times for it to work. Ahhh Wallace. I'm getting choked up just writing all this, and you're not even real. Anyway, at the end of the chant, the dad says to Arizona, "I'm giving you the money after all. Not because of (the hospital administrator) kissing our butt, but because of you." Aww.

There was also a baby who was teeny and premature and had cranial bleeding and was about to die. Karev picks up the baby and cradles her because he doesn't want her to die without ever having been held (the mom is having a seizure or something). Bailey comes along and says that's a kangaroo hold, and that if Karev takes off his shirt and holds the baby against his bare chest it would be even better for the baby. In the end, baby survives, the mother survives, and I need another hug from the fiance. Sigh.

I have said in earlier posts that Grey's isn't as good this season, and I'm glad these last few episodes proved me wrong. When Grey's is good, it is GOOD. Kleenex good.

Oh and best of all, there was no Izzie in either of these episodes. She's on break to shoot yet another romantic comedy or something, and I didn't miss her one bit. Hey Hollywood, can we get Katherine Heigl some more scripts?

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